Test-driving bahasa baru

Down the street in my Balinese neighbourhood.


January 22, 2017 – Conversation with locals in Bumi Jimbaran Asri as I head home to Mutiara Kos  (link to 5 minute video). Summary/Translation: where are you going? Where do you stay? How long have you been here? How long will you stay? Where do you work? Is it a business? Then I vagued out, ran out of language options, said good afternoon and went to the laundry. How long will you stay here? Where are you from? Where in Australia? I asked him how much for the laundry. He complimented me on my bahasa and I thanked him and said “I try every day”. Around the corner is this beautifully crunchy old man I see every day – Bapak Paul, my neighbor who owns the kos building next door. At the time I didn’t know his name but he knew mine because of the frequency that drivers would turn up and ask for me. I asked him how he was. Then I went home.